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TGO Challenge 2009 - A Third Walk Across Scotland

Thursday 21st May
Montrose to Home

I'd have liked to stay over in Montrose on the Friday in order to meet up with some of the people who hadn't attended the Thursday night dinner, but the prospect of being reunited with my wee puppy was too enticing, and so I made my way over to the station at 9am or so to catch the first train home.

On previous occasions I've been able to get a direct train from Montrose to Southport, but for some reason this year the train was going via Glasgow. Not to worry, though. Colin was booked onto the same train, and so we got on together and shared the journey until he got off at... I can't remember where it was, but I think it was about 20 minutes down the line.

Do Colin and I really look like this? (Please don't answer that question...)

All seemed well until I got to Glasgow, but at that stage I realised that I didn't have a clue how to get from the station at which I'd been deposited to the one that housed the train that would eventually take me home. Hmmm... Fortunately for me I was spotted by a couple of observant and kindly Challengers who knew their way around, and they offered to lead me there. Thank you very much indeed to my rescuers! Without you, I'd probably still be wandering the streets of Glasgow in a daze!

They were *also* travelling with a wee walking creature, and Little Peewiglet soon spotted him dangling from the side of a pack :)

Little Peewiglet's new friend

At the correct station the two kindly Challengers showed me where to go, and we stopped for a brief, final photograph.

My rescuers -- thank you! :)

After that I made my way to the very convenient M&S to stock up on sandwiches and crisps for the rest of the journey, and shortly thereafter I was settled into my seat and wending my way homewards.

On each of my two previous journeys I've had the pleasure of Kate and Tim's company on the train journey home, and I thought of them now and regretted their absence once again. As I finish this account, though, the draw for TGO Challenge 2010 has just been announced, and I know that all three of us have been lucky enough to get places :)

So! That was that for 2009, but here's to a happy and successful crossing for all of us lucky enough to be setting off on the next one, in May 2010!

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